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  • ---- The bulletin collects TEMP SHIP reports: FM 36 (TEMP SHIP, Upper-level pressure, temperature, humidity and wind report from a sea station). (Refer to WMO No.306 - Manual on Codes for the definition of WMO international codes) ---- The USVX01 TTAAii Data Designators decode (2) as: T1 (U): Upper air data. T2 (S): Upper level pressure, temperature, humidity and wind (Part A). A1 (V): Mobile ships and other marine stations. A2 (X): More than one area. (2: Refer to WMO No.386 - Manual on the GTS - Attachment II.5) ---- WMO No.9 - Volume C1 'Remarks' field: The bulletin collects reports from August to September every year by ARAON(DSQL7) near the North pole sea