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  • Hindcast simulation has been performed for reconstruction of meso-scale weather systems, especially of intense storms by using the global atmospheric model ECHAM6 in its version 6.1.00 (CMIP5), the spectral nudging technique and NCEP reanalysis as forcing data. Horizonatal resolution: (768x384) gridpoints (T255L95), vertical resolution: 95 levels. Time period: 1948 - 2015 april. The output from the model run: /work/gg0301/g260070/ECHAM6/echam-6.1.00/experiments/echam6_t255l95_sn_ncep1/scripts on the HLRE-2 Blizzard and the Original-Outputs of the 8 ECHAM6-streams were named and differed by their suffixes: echam6_t255l95_sn_ncep1_199212.01_co2 echam6_t255l95_sn_ncep1_199212.01_echam echam6_t255l95_sn_ncep1_199212.01_jsbach echam6_t255l95_sn_ncep1_199212.01_land echam6_t255l95_sn_ncep1_199212.01_nudg echam6_t255l95_sn_ncep1_199212.01_surf echam6_t255l95_sn_ncep1_199212.01_veg echam6_t255l95_sn_ncep1_199212.01_vphysc