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  • The data are from multi-decadal hindcast simulation with the wave model WAM 4.5 covering the Southern North Sea (51-56.5 N and -3W-10.5E) using a grid size of about 5,5x5.5 km (0.05 degrees latitude x 0.10 degrees longitude). The hindcast covers the period 1948-2007. Integrated parameter derived from 2D spectra are available every hour; the wave spectra themselves are available with a 3-hour time step. Atmospheric forcing was obtained from an atmospheric hindcast with SN-REMO driven by the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis 1 data set. Lateral boundary conditions were obtained from corresponding coarse grid hindcast covering most of the Northeast Atlantic driven by the same atmospheric forcing.

  • Profiles of the 35 GHz cloud radar MIRA36-S at COPS-Supersite Hornisgrinde. Containing reflectivity, radial Doppler velocity, spectral width and LDR (linear depolarisation ratio). Different scan modi are possible during one day. See more information on measurement times/scan modi in entry "cops_suph_cradar_info_1". Data available from 01.06.2007 to 06.08.2007 and 24.08.2007 to 31.08.2007.

  • Reflectivity and radial velocity of Karlsruhe C-Band Doppler Radar located at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe. Volume data in polar coordinates are delivered. Two scans have been performed: 1. 14 Elevation volume scan of reflectivity and radial velocity starting at 0.4 deg elevation up to 30 deg elevation, 120 km range, 500 m resolution, dual PRF (pulse repetition frequency; 1153 Hz/864 Hz): reflectivity and radial velocity. 2. 14 Elevation volume scan as 1, but only single PRF: reflectivity. The data is provided in two different data sets: reflectivity (ca. every 5 min; data from both scan modi) and radial_velocity (every 10 min; data from 1st scan mode).

  • The two instuments were: Scintec Sodar (MFAS) at Igelsberg, located near a waste disposal site. The device measures wind vectors every ten minutes. Metek RASS-Sodar in Bad-Rotenfels, located near a sewage treatment plant. The vertical wind component in the netCDF-files has been set to dummy values due to quality check failure for this variable.

  • Several meteorological parameteres were measured at different stations run by FZK/IMK-TRO. Depending on the individual site i.e. wind direction, wind speed, global radiation, reflected irradiance, atmospheric longwave radiation, terrestric longwave radiation, surface temperature, precipitation, air pressure, soil heat flux, relative humidity. The respective set of parameters is described in the meta data of each station.

  • The data are from a multi-decadal tide-surge hindcast 1958-2004 for the North Sea using the TELEMAC2D model. Data (sea surface elevation, depth averaged currents) are available every hour on an unstructured grid with about 27,000 nodes and varying resolution ranging from about 5 km in the open North Sea to about 75m near the coast and within estuarys. The model was driven by hourly atmospheric data from a multi-decadal atmospheric hindcast ( ) and, at the open boundries, by the most relevant tidal constituents. In addition, hourly sea level data from Aberdeen were assimilated at the Northern boundary to account for external surges.