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  • This is a North Sea wave hindcast for the period 1949-2014. The simulation has been performed with the wave model WAM Version 4.5.4. The model domain covers the area from 51N to 59N and 4.75W to 13E, with a spatial resolution of 0.05 degree latitude x 0.075 degree longitude (approx. 3 by 3 nautical miles). Integrated parameter derived from 2D spectra are available every hour; the wave spectra themselves are available with a 3-hour time step. Atmospheric forcing was obtained from an atmospheric hindcast with COSMO-CLM (doi:10.1594/WDCC/coastDat-2_COSMO-CLM) driven by the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis 1 data set. Lateral boundary conditions were obtained from corresponding coarse grid hindcast covering most of the Northeast Atlantic driven by the same atmospheric forcing.