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  • OceanRAIN version 1.0, OceanRAIN-W - Water cycle components, 73 along-track parameters for 8 ships, 6.83 million minutes in total, temporally continuous data for each ship, 1-minute-resolution

  • These data are made available as part of paper: S. J. Gonzalez-Roji, J. Saenz, G. Ibarra-Berastegi, J. Diaz de Argandona (2018) Moisture balance over the Iberian Peninsula according to a regional climate model, Journal of Geophysical Research 123(2):708-729. The dataset holds selected postprocessed files that allow to reproduce all the results in the paper. An analysis of the atmospheric branch of the hydrological cycle by means of a 15 km resolution numerical integration performed using Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) nested in ERA Interim is presented. Two WRF experiments covering the period 2010–2014 were prepared. The first one (N) was configured as in standard numerical downscaling experiments. The second one (D), with the same parameterizations, included a step of 3DVAR data assimilation every 6 h. Experiment D: -windowed-D-AI: Analysis increments (T2, Q2), 2010-2014 for the D experiment -windowed-wavacurip4paper-D: Netcdf files corresponding to experiment D (using 3DVAR assimilation) and years 2010-2014 holding 3-hourly outputs from the run after selecting the window covering the Iberian Peninsula. Experiment N: -windowed-wavacurip4paper-N: Netcdf files corresponding to experiment N (no data assimilation) and years 2010-2014 holding 3-hourly outputs from the run after selecting the window covering the Iberian Peninsula

  • Free access and download to of a growing selection of DWD’s climate data. Via CDC Search you will find data for direct download and interactive access to station data. The interactive mode gives graphical and tabular previews of the German station data. In addition, all data sets remain accessible from our ftp server for direct download

  • ---- The bulletin collects SYNOP MOBIL reports: FM 14 (SYNOP MOBIL, Report of surface observation from a mobile land station). (Refer to WMO No.306 - Manual on Codes for the definition of WMO international codes) ---- The SNAA19 TTAAii Data Designators decode (2) as: T1 (S): Surface data. T2 (N): Non-standard synoptic hour. A1A2 (AA): Antarctic. (2: Refer to WMO No.386 - Manual on the GTS - Attachment II.5) ---- WMO No.9 - Volume C1 'Remarks' field: MOBIL REPORTS AS AVAILABLE ---- Please review: Bulletin constraints (gmd:resourceConstraints) should reflect the GTS Category (WMO_DataLicenseCode) and GTS Priority (WMO_GTSProductCategoryCode) of the bulletin. Bulletin Originator (gmd:pointOfContact). Bulletin Distributor (gmd:distributorContact and gmd:name in all instances of gmd:MD_DigitalTransferOptions). Online distribution details for the bulletin (all instances of gmd:MD_DigitalTransferOptions).