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  • Seasonal forecast is based on dynamical downscaling of ECMWF seasonal forecast, using a regional atmosphere-ocean coupled model (RCM-SEEVCCC). The forecast consists of 41 ensemble members and is issued once per month between 15th and 20th of a current month. The forecast run is for 7 months. Horizontal resolution is 0.25 degrees for atmospheric model and 0.2 degrees for the ocean model. Atmosphere is resolved with 32 and ocean with 21 vertical levels. The connection between the two components is through a coupler that performs the exchange of atmospheric surface fluxes and SST after every atmospheric physical time step. Exchanged fluxes are calculated using the atmospheric component and are used directly, without any additional parametrization.

  • Dust forecast is done using Dust Regional Atmospheric Model with 8 categories for dust particle sizes which is assimilating ECMWF dust analysis in dust initial field (DREAM8assim). Model is embedded in NCEP Nonhydrostatic Mesoscale Model on E-grid (NCEP/NMME). Initial and boundary conditions are from ECMWF global forecast. Model resolution is 1/5 degrees. Model runs are delayed one day because of availability of dust analysis fields and output is available daily at 17UTC.