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    ---- The bulletin collects CLIMAT reports: FM 71 (CLIMAT, Report of monthly values from a land station). (Refer to WMO No.306 - Manual on Codes for the definition of WMO international codes) ---- The CSVN02 TTAAii Data Designators decode (2) as: T1 (C): Climatic data. T2 (S): Monthly means (surface). A1A2 (VN): Venezuela. (2: Refer to WMO No.386 - Manual on the GTS - Attachment II.5) ---- The bulletin collects reports from stations: Mene grande, Valera, Maracay - b.a. sucre, Acarigua, Guanare, San juan de los morros, Carrizal, Valle de la pascua, Maturin, El vigia, Merida, Barinas, Calabozo and Ciudad bolivar